Syntax Highlighting Colorschemes

Prism colorschemes

Prism is a lightweight, robust, elegant syntax highlighting library. It is written in javascript, and the colorschemes are CSS stylesheets; so highly customisable.

Go to the demo page for:

Atelier Schemes

Some colorschemes from a a collection named Atelier Schemes can be found here in this repository.

Atelier Schemes for Prism (CSS files - direct links):
  1. Forest Light
  2. Forest Dark
  3. Plateau Light
  4. Plateau Dark
  5. Heath Light
  6. Heath Dark
  7. Cave Light
  8. Cave Dark
  9. Sulphurpool Light
  10. Sulphurpool Dark
  11. Lakeside Light
  12. lakeside Dark
  13. Savanna Light
  14. Savanna Dark
  15. Seaside Light
  16. Seaside Dark
  17. Estuary Light
  18. Estuary Dark
  19. Dune Light
  20. Dune Dark
Prism comes with eight colorschemes (CSS files - direct links):
  1. Default Light
  2. Dark
  3. Funky
  4. Okaidia
  5. Twilight
  6. Coy
  7. Solarized Light
  8. Tomorrow Night

One can download those directly from Github.
An additional selection of custom themes are at the Prism themes repo.


Except for the themes mentioned above on the Prism repos, this repo contains more colorschemes, collected (stolen) from elsewhere and further adapted (tweaked).
When possible, backlinks to their origin, and information about their creators are included.

  1. Xonokai, original scheme by Maxime Thirouin, colorscheme on Github
  2. CB, original scheme by C. Bavota
  3. Pojoaque, original scheme by Jason Tate

Base16 Schemes

Colorschemes produced, and if not tributed to someone else, also made by Chris Kempson with base16 builder. Download them from here.

Base2Tone - Duotone Color Schemes

Duotone themes can be found in a dedicated repo: Base2Tone Prism, which comes with a demo for Prism as well.

Base4Tone - Minimal Color Schemes

Other themes with a limited color palette can be found in another dedicated repo: Base4Tone Prism, which also comes with a demo for Prism.


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