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Based on DuoTone themes by Simurai for Atom.

“DuoTone themes use only 2 hues (7 shades in total). It tones down less important parts (like punctuation and brackets) and highlights only the important ones. This leads to a more calm color scheme, but still lets you find the stuff you’re looking for.”

Base2Tone has it’s own dedicated repository, and demopage on

function foo(bar) {
    var a = 42,
        b = 'Prism';
    return a + bar(b);

Atelier Schemes

Atelier Schemes, demotiles for Dune,
 syntax highlighting colorscheme
screenshot of Sulphurpool colorscheme - dark version - in Vim
Screenshot Sulphurpool – dark version – in Vim


Colorschemes for Prism: demopage

Colorscheme Lab

This repo on Github